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Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility (ISF-2)

Construction "on a turn-key basis" is carried out by the Contractor – consortium consisting of firms FRAMATOME/Campenon Bernard-SGE/Bouegues (France).
The Ukrainian subcontractors, implementing civil and erection works and manufacturing of the equipment and domestic engineering divisions are involved in Project realization.
ISF- 2 is intended for long-term (within 100 years) storages of Spent Fuel Assemblies (FA) and spent additional absorbers (SAA) generated during ChNPP operation.

ISF –2 construction is financed from Nuclear Safety Account of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Ukrainian contribution.
ISF-2 is intended for 22000 SFA and 2000 SAA "dry" storage.

According to conservative assessments ISF - 2 commissioning is planned in 2008-2009.
On April 21, 2003 Customer suspended Project realization for the project defects reason prejudicing safe operation and licensing of the facility. Among the main defects of the project are absence or inconsistency with the normative documentation and to technical specifications requirements on spent Fuel Assemblies Management. Establishment of independent expert group "AREVA" for the project analysis and adjusting design decisions development became the answer to the Customer’s notification about works suspension. In December 2003 the group presented final conceptual changes of ISF-2 Project. FRAMATOME does not disclaim its responsibility for project inconsistency with the technical specifications and proposes changes in the project. In the beginning of 2004 the Addendum to the contract was signed. However, new data were obtained on probable water presence in FE encasement. Then technical decisions search of began. However proposed by FRAMATOME decision does not meet regulatory bodies requirements on the organization of two safety barriers during Spent Nuclear Fuel storage. Donors Assembly has considered the status of ISF –2 construction in the end of 2004. Negotiations on elimination of the arisen discrepancies are under way.
International Projects
Liquid Radioactive Wastes Treatment Plant (LRWTP)

LRWTP is intended for Liquid Radioactive Wastes treatment, accumulated during operation and generated during ChNPP decommissioning and operational Shelter object’s LRW.

LRWTP is intended for LRW treatment during the 10-years period of operation. Its minimal designed capacity is 2500 m3 of non-treated LRW per year.

LRWTP consist of:
• installation on Liquid Radioactive Waste (LRW) retrieval from existing storages;
• transportation installation – for LRW transportation to treatment installation;
• treatment installation – LRW cementation with the purpose of hermetisation and immobilization.

Construction "on a turn-key basis" is carried out by the Contractor- consortium, consisting of firms Belgatom (Belgium), Ansaldo (Italy), SGN (France). Civil and installation works are implemented by Ukrainian organizations.

LRWTP construction is financed from the Nuclear Safety Account of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD.

To the date the basic scope of civil and installation works is performed. Installation of equipment comes to the end. The quantitative and qualification structure of the personnel is determined. Schedules of their training are developed according to which training in ChNPP Training Center is started.

As for the beginning of 2005 the following scope of works are executed:
• Equipment procurement and delivery - 98 %;
• Civil work - 97 %;
• installation works - 95 %;
• preparatory works on system of LRW removal from storage facility - 60 of %;
• starting-up and adjustment works - 16 %.
According to the schedule a Contract termination date is 31.03.2005. Expected terms of works performance according to Project Managements Unit are: first packing with a real product production - November, 2005; all works termination - the middle of 2006.
International Projects
Industrial Complex on Solid Radioactive Wastes Management (ICSRWM)

Three facilities are incorporated into this Complex on Solid Radioactive Wastes Management, closed in a unified technological cycle.

ICSRWM is intended for SRW acceptance, processing, and-or disposal, accumulated during operation and generated during ChNPP decommissioning and operational RAW of the Shelter object.

Lot 1: Retrieval Facility for all categories of Solid Radioactive Wastes retrieval from existing Solid Wastes Storage (RFSW).
Productivity – RAW retrieval 3m3 per day, life time - 30 years.

Lot 2: Solid Waste Processing Facility (SWPF). Facility for all categories of Solid Radioactive Wastes sorting and low - and medium active Solid Wastes processing (SWPF).
Capacity - 20 m³ of non processed wastes per day, capacity of incineration installation is 50 kg per hour (LRW), capacity of cementation installation is 10m3 per day, installation of LMA –LLW and HAW packing – 1,5m3 per day, capacity of LMA –LLW and HAW interim storage is 3500m3, storage life time is 30 years.

Lot 3: specially equipped near surface disposal of low and medium active short lived Solid Wastes (ENSFD).
Capacity – 55000 m ³ Wastes packages, term of the equipment operation at the filling stage - 30 years, the period of the state control of the isolated storage - 300 years.

First two lots are constructed at Chernobyl industrial site, Lot 3 – at the site of "Vector" complex in Exclusion Zone.

Construction "on a turn-key basis" is carried out by the Contractor-RWE NUKEM GmbH (Germany).

Designing and construction of Industrial Complex on Solid Radioactive Wastes Management is financed by the European Commission and Ukraine.

Commissioning is planned in 2008.
International Projects
The Industrial Heating Plant (IHP)is intended for a heat supply of site facilities after the Units final shutdown, hot water and the steam production necessary for operation of SF and RAW Management facilities, equipment and systems, remaining in operation and for technological and office buildings and facilities.

In 1992-1993 works on new Heat Plant construction were carried out, however for the financing lack they have been stopped. Since 1997 the project of IHP construction was financed due to the international assistance (US Department of Energy) and Ukrainian payment. The total cost of the project makes US $­­­ 30 million. Ukrainian part is US $­­­ 7,5 million.

Heating Plant was commissioned in June, 2001.
International Projects

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